Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting Started

I'm just starting out with my own personal business. I've got some great pieces, but I just don't have enough work yet. I've done three paintings this week, and I've got ideas for many more. I'm working a full-time job in an office, and I have so much more in me than this. I'm dedicating all of my time outside my day job to my passion. This blog is here to share my work, my process and my inspiration.

The owl to the right is a painting I completed last night, as one piece of a new animal series I am working on. It's in acrylic which I've been using lately. It gives me faster results than the oil painting I'm used to.

My goals for this year are to create at least one full series, develop my own style, and get myself back into the art world.

I've set up an etsy shop to sell my work.
My own portfolio website is currently in the works, and I will post it when I have it completed.

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